CBD Bud SHOPS Near Me: Including Marijuana


CBD Bud shops near me does smell identical to other cannabis plants, including marijuana.

In fact, without lab analysis, it’s nearly impossible to differentiate between marijuana and hemp; they look, feel, and smell the same, so there is no easy way to quickly identify which is which.

Though it may seem odd, such a truth is not actually that surprising when you consider that the primary difference between hemp and marijuana exists at the molecular level.

Both contain cannabinoids of all sorts, but while marijuana has notable levels of THC, the cannabinoid responsible for producing a psychoactive high, hemp flower does not. In fact, to meet legal requirements in the U.S., hemp flower must contain 0.3% THC or less by weight.

What hemp flower does contain, though, is just about everything else you might expect from a marijuana plant, including CBD bud shop near me.

Because the most well-known cannabinoids of THC and CBD are not at all responsible for creating the shape, texture, smell, or taste of cannabis, a difference in cannabinoids between different types of plants doesn’t lead to different scents or appearances.

  • Describing CBD Hemp Flower’s Depending on Terpenes

CBD hemp flowers smell can vary depending on what terpenes are present and at what levels, but in general you can expect it to have a natural scent similar to other plants and herbs.

Some helpful adjectives that might help you break down and understand the scent of your hemp flower might include:

  • Earthy
  • Herbal
  • Flowery
  • Spicy: think peppery, rich smells
  • Sweet: fruity smells like lemon, lime, etc.
  • Skunky

As mentioned, CBD hemp flower doesn’t have a scent of its own – that is, it doesn’t smell different than other cannabis plants with the same molecular makeup.

Though it can’t help you distinguish between hemp flower and marijuana, scent can give you some key insight into just what’s going on inside of your product. Understanding where these scents come from and what they might mean can help you craft a CBD experience that fits your needs and desires.

  • What gives CBD flower its Terpenes?

Terpenes are largely responsible for the aroma of both CBD bud shops near me hemp flower and marijuana. The presence of terpenes is actually an important benefits that comes along with choosing to use CBD hemp flower, rather than other options, particularly CBD isolate products.

Of course, the odor you smell from CBD hemp flower can be influenced by external factors, too. How you choose to use your flower can impact odor; if you smoke it, for instance, you’ll likely experience a more charred, chemical smell than you might if you vape it.

The scent of CBD hemp flower and cannabis in general can be quite potent and linger for a while, especially if a wide variety of terpenes are present.

  • What exactly are terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are found in all sorts of plants, though cannabis plants tend to contain an especially high concentration of them, and help create an organism’s characteristic scent.

Terpenes serve to both protect and distinguish plants. They’re responsible for the odors we associate with plant life in general, from trees to flowers to the very grass that we walk on.

In the natural world, terpense also help plants fight threats like grazing animals or infectious viruses and bacteria. It’s not surprising, then, that some of the therapeutic properties of terpenes that plant life benefits from might extend to humans, too.

Terpenes can be isolated during manufacturing or product development and used as a source of fragrance. In terms of cannabis production, strains with certain levels of different terpenes may be sought out in order to cultivate a desired experience.

If you’ve ever participated in any type of aromatherapy, used essential oils, or find certain scents to be comforting, you have terpenes to thank. Though they’re most commonly mentioned in discussions surrounding cannabis, terpenes play a large role in shaping the natural world as we know it.

Cannabis plants are infamously potent. This reality applies to marijuana plants without a doubt, but it’s also true for CBD hemp flower.

While you may worry about your CBD hemp flower mirroring marijuana in many ways, including odor, rest assured that keeping your products in their packaging can help protect you from any prodding or outside concerns. Stick to brands that provide a Certificate of Analysis confirming that you have a CBD hemp flower product with below the legal limit of THC.

The smell of CBD flower is often best described as woodsy, earthy, or herbal. More unique scents can be found in some strains thanks to different levels of terpenes.

Remember that terpenes surround us regardless of whether or not we consume cannabis. They exist in the flowers we grow, the trees that give us air to breath, and more. Terpenes aren’t unnatural or even scary – in fact, they’re about as organic as it gets.